Christine Raphael Foundation
for the promotion of Günter Raphael's complete works

The foundation was submitted as an application for a foundation under public law to the „Freien and Hansestadt Hamburg“ and approved and deemed to be of common interest to the public on July 30th.

After the incomprehensible early death of Christine Raphael in March 2008, there is at least now an everlasting memory of her achievements in promoting the overall presence of her Father’s Works.

She had been striving for a Günter Raphael Foundation for quite some time. The objectives of the Foundation will be continued in her spirit, logically retaining her name in the title.

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The foundation’s charter, which is available at any time upon request, is primarily aiming to both boost the presence of Günter Raphael’s works in concerts, radio programs and on CDs as well as the musicological research of the entire legacy.

The registered office of the foundation is in Hamburg.
c/o Rechtsanwälte Asche Stein & Glockemann
Neuer Wall 54 20354 Hamburg, Germany

Correspondence and enquiries should for the sake of convenience however be directed to Fredrik Pachla in his capacity as at present the only member of the executive board.

Fredrik Pachla – Chairman of
Christine Raphael Foundation
Bogenstr. 4
14169 Berlin
Tel. +49 (176) 368 836 56
Fax +49 (0)30 8109 9046

For Foundations and donations (these can be given for specific purpose)
here is the Foundation’s bank account:

Christine Raphael Stiftung
Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse
IBAN: DE11 2175 0000 0187 0137 92

Christine Raphael Stiftung
IBAN: DE04 6609 0800 0007 3429 69